Worcester Property Valuation

If you are thinking about selling a house in Worcestershire then the first part of the process should be a property valuation from an estate agent. Their local knowledge, experience and market data will ensure a realistic selling price that will enable you to hit the market at the right level, calculate your moving budget and achieve a swift transaction.

What Is A Property Valuation?

In short, a property valuation is when you ask an independent professional, such as an estate agent, to estimate the value of your home. They do this by taking into consideration a number of factors - size, condition, location, age - before analysing the local market data and sales history of similar properties.


This combination of local knowledge and statistical information enables them to provide you with an appropriate asking price for your property.

Why Is A Valuation Important?

Firstly, when you put a property on the market you want to be sure that you are in the right ball park - too low a price and you lose money, too high a price and your property could stay on the market without creating any interest for a lengthy period.

In order to ensure that we value your property correctly we combine our professional, local insight with research to identify comparable properties in your area that have recently sold. This process ensures your property goes on to the market at a fair and achievable price.

Secondly, a valuation is important so that you can begin to plan for your future. Once you know where you are financially you will be able to draw up a budget that will help you in your search for your new home, planning for building work or improvements and of course for your moving day.

What Is The Property Valuation Process?

Once you have made an appointment for a valuation one of our trained agents will begin their research into the recent selling prices of similar properties in the Worcester area as well as the asking prices for those properties that remain on the market. This information will help them to reach a guide price once they have inspected the property.

The agent will arrange a time to arrive, with the property inspection typically taking an hour or so depending on the size, condition and complexity of the property. In some cases the agent may have visited the property before so the valuation could be quicker. Either way please allow plenty of time for the inspection and for the agent to answer any questions you may have.

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